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Kings Ely Sixth Formers get their hands dirty at the local elementary school


The sixth-grade King & # 39; s Ely students took part of their free time to create a new eco-garden at the Isle of Ely Elementary School.

Thirteen Sixty-Sixties were part of a green-fingered team of King's Ely, who removed a huge area of ​​weeds and prepared the ground for the elementary school students and staff of the Isle of Ely to plant their new garden.

Sixth grade students were accompanied by Chris Youngs and Will Temple, members of the King's Ely Garden and Grounds team. Jane Halls, sixth-grade director at King's Ely; and Celia Etchegoyen, King's Elys Outreach Director.

Annie Hunter, director of education and science outdoors at the Isle of Ely Elementary School, said: "We have recently made great efforts to redesign our environmental garden at the Isle of Ely Elementary School. It had become a bit wild, so it was a big challenge for our little hands to tame it! When we heard from volunteers from King's Ely who wanted to help us, we were pleased that other members of our congregation were also making our school greener. They cleared a huge area of ​​well-established weeds that made room for berry bushes filled tire beds for autumnal crops. Many thanks to the volunteer team of King's Ely, we would be glad if you come back next year and try our berry jams! "

Volunteering was organized under the umbrella of the Cambridgeshire Educational Partnership, which includes both King's Ely and Isle of Ely elementary schools. The partnership was launched in May of this year to bring together principals, education professionals and young people from all over Cambridgeshire.

Its goal is to work together for the mutual benefit of all students in independent and public schools and to provide students from schools within the partnership the opportunity to gain access to a variety of MINTs (Science, Engineering, Engineering and Mathematics). MFL (Modern Foreign Languages), Arts, Sports and Enrichment Activities.

The partnership also aims to create opportunities for collaboration and dissemination of best practice in the teaching community, to develop, support and sustain the best teachers in our schools, as well as to increase aspirations and accelerate the progress of our young people.

To learn more about the Cambridgeshire Educational Partnership, please contact Celia Etchegoyen at CeliaEtchegoyen@kingsely.org

Press release from King's Ely

Brexit News: Johnson shows up fighting TV debate with Corbyn


  • The EU approved a Brexit postponement until 31 January 2020
  • New elections will take place on 12th December

Boris Johnson shows up fighting TV debate with Corbyn

Tuesday, November 19, 8:36 pm: Shortly before the televised debate between British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, the incumbent head of government Johnson made a fierce appearance in a public appearance. When visiting a boxing hall near Manchester, the 55-year-old climbed into the boxing ring on Tuesday with "Get Brexit Done" gloves and told ITV that he was looking forward to a clash with his rival Corbyn.

"Parliament is blocking Brexit, we need to pull through Brexit so that we can move forward with our plans for the whole country," Johnson said. Earlier, in a letter to Corbyn, he questioned his rival's plans for the Brexit question. With a new referendum, Corbyn would only continue to offer the British "procrastination and delay."

Johnson, who is traveling the country with the campaign slogan "Get Brexit Done," promises to lead the UK out of the EU on January 31st. Corbyn, however, wants to renegotiate Johnson's proposed exit agreement and hold a new Brexit referendum in the UK.

The vice-party leader of the Labor Party, John McDonnell, criticized Johnson on Tuesday for his previous social and labor policies. "We know whose side Boris Johnson is on the side of billionaires, bankers and big business people," he said.

The outcome of the early parliamentary election on 12 December is, according to experts, uncertain. According to a survey by Britain Elects, the Tories are currently getting close to 38 percent of the vote, Labor at just over 28 percent. The approval for the Brexit party is therefore close to nine percent.

About four weeks before the general election in the UK, the two politicians come together on Tuesday evening (21.00 CET) for the first TV debate in the election campaign. In the live televised debate, politicians are asked questions by the spectators. The format was challenged by smaller parties – the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats had appealed in court against their exclusion from the debate. However, the Supreme Court rejected its lawsuit on Monday.

Johnson's party under pressure – Police investigate electoral fraud

Sunday, November 17, 1:22 pm: After complaints about possible attempts by the Conservative Party in connection with the parliamentary election in December, the British police are now investigating. Police allege two allegations of electoral fraud and abuse of office, police said Saturday.

Labor MP Charlie Falconer, as a member of the House of Lords, had asked the police in a letter on Friday to investigate reports. According to them, the Conservatives of Prime Minister Boris Johnson had tried to persuade Brexit party politicians to withdraw their candidacy for the election. In Falconer's opinion, these attempts raised "serious questions about the integrity" of the election on December 12 and could violate the electoral law.

Brexit party boss Nigel Farage had announced on Thursday to share his displeasure regarding any job offers to party members with the police. He accused high-ranking Conservative members of "calling our candidates and offering them jobs if they retire." The claims Johnson had already dismissed on Friday as "nonsense". Sure, there are talks between the two parties, he told the BBC.

At the beginning of the week, Farage had surprisingly announced that his party would not compete in 317 constituencies that were last won by the Conservative Party. In British majority voting, the candidate wins the most votes in each constituency.

Labor vice and Brexit opponents Watson does not want to stand for reelection and puts down party office

Thursday, 07. November, 02.26 clock: British Labor Party vice-president Tom Watson will not stand for the parliamentary election on December 12th. Watson announced this on Wednesday evening in the short message service Twitter.

He would also lay down his party office. In the election campaign he wants to support his party but still. Watson was considered a moderate counterpart to the left party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Time and again there were open differences of opinion between the two Social Democratic politicians. Only in September, the Brexit opponent Watson demanded a second referendum on the EU exit. His party should be behind the demand to cancel Brexit; only then should it come to a new election, he demanded.

Shortly afterwards, Corbyn announced that he was seeking a new election and then a referendum. Watson was almost overthrown at the Labor Party Congress a few weeks later.

Despite the differences with Corbyn, Watson emphasized that his decision was "personal, not political." He joins a whole bunch of pro-European politicians who no longer want to run for parliament. Corbyn thanked his vice in a reply that was also posted on Twitter. "I respect your conclusion that it is in the best interests of you and your family to step back," Corbyn wrote.

35 new jobs in the Inverness branch of retailer Debenhams


The retailer Debenhams has expanded its business in Inverness by 35 new employees during the pre-Christmas season.

The chain – which has a branch at Eastgate Shopping Center – said it was the busiest time of the year.

The new employees will be on time for the Debenhams Black Friday campaign on November 29th.

Craig Barker, branch manager at Debenhams Inverness, said: "Our current team of colleagues is a testament to the local workforce, and we look forward to welcoming our new employees.

"At Christmas, 35 new employees joined us, and many of our colleagues who work for us during this period remain permanent employees. This is an important time in our hiring calendar and a great opportunity for those looking for a career in retail. "


Gillingham 0-0 Sunderland: James Hunter mid-term player ratings


Sunderland plays at half-time against Gillingham in the first round of the FA Cup after a thoroughly unimaginative first half.

Neither team could cause a stir in Priestfield, and Luke O & N was perhaps the closest to the visitors.

At the other end, Brandon Hanlan was most likely looking for the Gills, but Lee Burge was not put into action

So James Hunter rated the Sunderland players at the halfway point of the FA Cup replay:


Did not save a shot yet


Youngster looked solid on the right side of the back three


Not one hundred percent fit, but done a decent job organizing the Back Three


Stand-in defender, but has generally done well

Laurens De Bock from Sunderland (C) has a header between Gillingham and Sunderland in the Priestfield Stadium in the first round of the FA Cup on 19 November 2019 in Gillingham (England). (Photo by Ian Horrocks / AFC Sunderland about Getty Images)
Laurens De Bock from Sunderland (C) has a header between Gillingham and Sunderland in the Priestfield Stadium in the first round of the FA Cup on 19 November 2019 in Gillingham (England). (Photo by Ian Horrocks / AFC Sunderland about Getty Images)


Offer a threat to the future


A failed cross forced Bonham to knock the ball out from under his crossbar


Has seen some of the ball, but some of his passes have failed


But to impress


On the left a few dangerous forays, but without end product


Has seen little of the ball


Fought to get into the game, but had no service at all